"RegenerAte Our Youth"

(AGES 11-20) 

Do you have or know a youth(s) who could benefit from:

1- Motivation

2- Being relieved from burdens that create fear and stress in his/her life?

3- New levels of health?

4- A more positive outlook on life?

5- Feeling free to be who they want to be and not limited and uncomfortable in their bodies and social surroundings.

6- Help with finding their life purpose?

If so, consider my "RegenerAte Are Youth" Program where I work one-on-one with youth to help them achieve new levels of health, freedom, and confidence.

I believe that diet, together with physical exercise greatly influences the spiritual/physical connection and will improve personal relationships, outlook on life, and overall health to lead a more vibrant, rewarding lifestyle. 


It’s easy to give up on goals when no one is watching. As a youth coach, I will consistently check on my client’s progress and be supportive along the way. Not wanting to disappoint your supporters and knowing you will report to someone are good motivational tools to help you stay on track.

Emotional Support
Creating lasting changes in your life is bound to be challenging at times. Some people in your life won’t understand or support you in the way you need it.  Having an understanding mentor during these times can be very comforting and give you the confidence you need to keep going. Knowing that you have a coach who wants to see you succeed is priceless.

● Dedication and Compassion

I take on a limited number of clients at a time so I can truly focus on supporting each one with all my energy. I am a good listener, respectful and honest. I have personally overcome health and emotional challenges myself, and I know what it’s like to be uncomfortable in your body.  On the other hand, I also know what it feels like to be confident in yourself, comfortable in your body and truly happy. It’s my passion to help people see that life can actually be awesome and you can live happy and free.

The RegenerAte Are Youth program includes:

● 1 Initial 60-Minute Assessment.

● 4 one-hour long meetings/check-ups (In person/ or through Skype/phone) per month.

● Unlimited email and text correspondence throughout the program.  

This program is a 30 Day introductory program that can continue into an ongoing monthly program if desired.  The investment for this program is as follows:

30 Day Youth program Investment (Introductory):  $207/ Youth

On going monthly Investment after initial introductory: $200/Month/Youth

For those in the Denver area, I do offer the initial 60-Minute consultation and all follow-ups at your chosen location for an additional investment of $127 per month.