Holistic Pantry and Kitchen Regeneration

(Denver area only)

In this  program, I will work with you to transform your kitchen and pantry.

Phase 1:   (Cleansing)

I will offer an assessment of your foods and detail what foods you should keep and which ones you should throw away or give away.  

Based on your preferences, I will make recommendations for healthier replacements.  Additionally, we will discuss optimizing your kitchen for preparing and storing natural foods – i.e: flexible cutting board, heavy-duty blender, basket steamer, glass storage containers for left overs, big bowl for washing fruits & veggies, with quality veggie-wash, etc.)optimizing your kitchen for overall efficiency.

Phase 2: (Regeneration)

Shopping for groceries.  You will learn how to read labels and purchase foods that nourish and satisfy you and your family according to your personal needs, preferences, diet and lifestyle. Learn which produce is best to buy “organic.”

You will learn about healthier alternatives to the foods you love (but aren’t so great for you), as well as learn the layout of grocery stores.

Learn the comparative advantages of shopping at different grocery stores. (i.e: Sprouts is one of the best for good deals on produce-especially on Wednesdays; Natural Grocers sells slightly past-their prime produce in special deal bags.

After our program is complete, I will send you a written follow-up with all my recommendations.

At the end of the day, you will have an organized holistic and healthy kitchen and will feel in control of your health!

Holistic Pantry and Kitchen Regeneration 

  • Nutritional Consultation (1 hour)

  • Kitchen & Pantry Walkthrough & Makeover (1 hour)

  • We will discuss a budget together based on your needs and work with that. (30 Minutes)

  • Trip to your local grocery store to guide you in purchasing the basics you need to stay on track to healthier eating plus creating an Individual Shopping List. (1 hour)

  • Return home to restock and organize your new purchases (1 Hour)

  • Optional add-on: Personal one-on-one raw foods preparation class (1 hour) - $65

  • Recipes

  • Get all of your food shopping questions answered.

  • Your Investment: $200

*Rate does not include grocery purchases.