Hi, my name is George Folley. I live in beautiful Colorado where calm blue lakes reflect high jagged peaks, reminding me, too,to relax and reflect.

Nature- anywhere- is a great place to get in touch with who you are and how you want to be. But whether you live in a city apartment or a countryside estate, your primary place of residence is your own body. It’s where you live.

I’m a health educator, transformational coach, nutritionist, motivator and health advocate. I enjoy laughing, learning, loving and spending time in nature where I find peace, rejuvenation and appreciate the simplicity that nature provides.

I’m grateful that you are here. I want to help you reach a point in life where you’re feeling your best.  You may have had trouble making changes in the past, I want to show you that this time can be different-especially if you have someone to encourage you, support you, and show you what to do step by step. If you want to have more energy, gain control of your well-being, not fall for fad diets and get back the life you deserve, then my programs are for you.  We should all be able to live a vibrantly healthy life. 

Whether you are struggling with a health condition or are looking to prevent or reverse any lifestyle imbalance, I can be of assistance.

Great health is truly the foundation for a life worth living. When your health declines, nothing else really matters.

There is always hope, and together I will work with you to discover what exactly is holding you back from a life of pure health bliss. 

Through my in-depth and detailed intake health questionnaire, I’m able to get to the root cause of why you might be struggling with your health. I will create a personalized protocol that will specifically address your health and your goals. I will teach you how to rebuild your body from the inside out using food as medicine. 

No matter what your age, health is one of your greatest assets.  We all deserve wellness, purpose, and an abundance of vitality.

I can partner up with you to bring balance back so you can live the healthiest and happiest life possible.

I am wholeheartedly committed to lifelong learning and will forever be a student in the world of holistic health, nutrition and happiness!

If you are 100% ready to get started making a transformational change in your health that is also in alignment with your health goals, I invite you to set up a free (30 minute) exploratory call with me where we can explore which one of my program/s would be right for you.

I invite you to explore this website and reach out to me if you think my programs can benefit you.

My credentials:

I was taught the art of detoxification by world-renowned Naturopathic Doctor, Robert Morse,N.D., at the International School of Detoxification in Port Charlotte, Florida.

Dr. Morse has been practicing natural healing for over 40 years and has aided thousands of people who have suffered from diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and many other types of diseases and conditions.
I earned the title of Level 2 Certified Detoxification Specialist by Dr. Morse.

Through studying in his program and working in his clinic, I learned about detoxification and nutrition in depth. I also learned a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Drawing on this knowledge, I learned to create a completely customized path that is specific to each client’s unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and personal goals.


International School of Detoxification, Port Charlotte, Florida

Detoxification Specialist Level 2 (highest level)

Center of Wellness, Pensacola, Florida

Ear Candling Specialist

Reflexology Specialist